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 Bioflo - Hygienic Valves

Bioflo Solutions are a hygienic component division of Petrochem Group - Burkert Premier Distribution Partner 

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases. 

The 3233 manually-operated diaphragm valve in compact form consists of a flow-optimised forged or cold - formed tube stainless steel body with various surface finishes, a diaphragm and a manual actuator. The material combinations are selectable.

The diaphragm is both a switch element and a sealing element to the outside. It can be easily replaced. The flow can be continually adjusted with the manually actuator. The valves have no dead volume and can be mounted to be self-draining. This enables high flow capacities and a variety of applications to be realized. The valves are autoclavable.

  • Hermetical separation of fluids from the operating mechanism by diaphragm

  • Quality certifications FDA

Burkrt Manual Diaphragm, HygienicValves ,

Pilot controlled diaphragm valve with pneumatically operated piston actuator and valve body from forged or cold-formed stainless steel tube. Actuator from PA or PPS.

  • Flow optimized and deadleg free bodies

  • Hermetical separation of fluids from the operating mechanism by diaphragm, Burkert Actuated Diaphragm, Hygienic Valve,

The Bürkert Tank Bottom Valve is designed for control of ultra pure, sterile, aggressiveor abrasive fluids. Enables especially optimal filling and emptying vessels with less dead leg. The valve body consists of a block with no weldseam, machined out of high quality stainless steel. The Tank Bottom Valve has two welding bevels to ease the welding and valve positioning operations. The high quality diaphragms separate hermetically critical fluids from the actuator. The pneumatic actuator can be controlled by pneumatic pilot valves (single pilot valves, valve islands and control heads). Control function A, normally closed by spring return.

  • Zero dead volume body - no welds

  • Hermetical separation of fluids from the operating mechanism by diaphragm

  • Universal and robust actuators with modular accessory range

  • Stainless steel body with welded connection

  • Quality certifications FDA/3A, Burkert Tank Bottom Valve, Hygienic Valve.

The Burkert Zero Deadleg T Valve system is designed for control of ultra pure, sterile, aggressive or abrasive fluids. Enables especially optimal sampling, draining or diverting of critical process fluids. The valve body is machined from a single piece of block material (monoblock–no weld seam). The Type 2732 can be actuated by  the 8635 SideControl, SideControls 8792/93 Remote versions or the 8694/8692/8693/8630 TopControl forming a mechanical and functional unit and thus offering a complete control valve system. Using this control valve, continuous regulation tasks for fluids can be solved.

  • Fully integrated in Burkert’s Process Control Systems

  • Zero dead volume

  • Monoblock – no welds

  • Quality certifications FDA / 3A , Burkert Zero DeadLeg Valve, Hygienic Valve
  • Minimum deadleg

  • Hermetical separation of fluids from  the operating mechanism by diaphragm

  • Easy integration of automation units with ELEMENT

  • Variable block and weld bodies

  • Quality certifications FDA/3A, Burkert Hygienic Multiport Diaphragm, Hygienic Valve

These sterile flow indicators can be installed in any position to observe liquid flow in any direction. The flow indicator is usually employed to detect either the presence or absence of solutions, or to observe fluids for turbulence, colour or clarity. They are ideal for high purity applications.

The standard view indicator offers excellent process visualization whilst protecting the glass and the full view version allows a 360° process vision, this means you can observe fluid flow from any position.

  • Guaranteed crevice free

  • Fully traceable wetted materials, traceable seal available on request

  • Suitable for CIP and SIP

  • Glass mounted without stress, Burkert Sightglasses
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