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Hygienic Instrumentation


Bürkert Fluid Control System is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases. 

The 8098 flowmeter is part of the FLOWave product range. It uses the SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves) technology and is mainly designed for applications with the highest hygienic demands. This is achieved by using: - Suitable stainless steel materials - a measuring pipe free of any wetted parts except for the actual pipe - the ideal outer hygienic design. FLOWave offers a range of integrated functions, including flexibility advantages, ease of cleaning, compact dimensions, light weight, easy installation and handling, and is compliant with numerous standards. Optimal measurement results can be achieved with homogeneous, air and solid free liquids. Integrated viscosity compensation can be used for higher viscous liquids. Gas and steam cannot be measured; however, their flow does not have any negative effect on the device or its operation. Other liquids flowing through again afterwards are measured correctly as before. Special functions derived from further process values (density factor, acoustic transmission factor) offer additional information about the particular liquid in use (for details, see data sheet).

  • No parts in the measuring pipe

  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP capable

  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity

  • Digital communication

  • Compact, light weight and energy-efficient, FLOWave SAW Flow Mater..

The 8221 hygienic conductivity probes are used to determine electrical conductivity in a wide range of pure or concentrated liquids. Due to their hygienic and robust design, these conductivity probes are suitable for use in various application sectors, including the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industry. Two technologies of conductivity probes are available:

• Probes based on the 2-electrode principle are suited for measurements in liquids, especially (ultra) pure water. Contaminations affect the measurements.

• Probes based on the 4-electrode principle exclude polarisation phenomena and are not sensitive to contamination. The clever design guarantees an excellent linearity over the entire measurement range. An integrated temperature sensor (Pt1000) is a standard feature of all versions. The probe has to be connected to the multiCELL transmitter/controller Type 8619.

  • Perfect for demanding applications in the hygienic industry (CIP and SIP compatible)

  • Variants available for usage over a wide conductivity range

  • Support of the most important process connections ensures specific customer requests can be implemented

  • Perfectly matches our multi-purpose transmitter/controller Type 8619, Conductivity Sensor for Hygienic Applications

The Type 8138 is a non-contact radar level transmitter for continuous level measurement. It is particularly suitable for use in small vessels that contain beverage liquids under sanitary process conditions.

  • Compact for level measurement up to 20 m

  • 4 ... 20 mA/Hart - 2 wires

  • Adjustable with PC

  • ATEX approvals

  • Clamp, Varivent® process connection, Rdar Level Measurement Device for Hygienic Connections

The type 8201 pH measuring system is suitable for measuring absolute pH values in liquids between pH 0 and pH 12 at medium temperatures of up to 140°C and process pressures of max. 6 bar. Due to its hygienic design and the robust glass-free construction, this model is particularly suitable for use in hygienic processes. An example would be the production of foods and active ingredients, during which the pH value of liquid mediums - including those which are viscous or contain solids - is measured. The pH electrode's extremely smooth enamel surface inhibits the medium from sticking and is very easy to clean in line. Due to its robust design and high temperature and chemical tolerance, the electrode stays in the process even during a CIP purification. This means that expensive retractable fittings can be dispensed with.

  • Special glass-free probe for measuring pH to be connected to Type 8619 multiCELL

  • Sterile design, CIP-compatible, in-line sterilizable

  • Robust and unbreakable construction

  • Long service life, long calibration intervals

  • Especially suitable when preparing foods and drinks, pH Measuring System for Hygienic Applications
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  • Pressure transmitter with diaphragm seal technology for the measuring of relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapors and liquids

  • Stainless steel case in sturdy design, degree of protection IP 65/67

  • Accuracy 0.1 %

  • High-resolution graphic display with Intuitive 4-button operation and backlight

  • Comprehensive parameterising functions



  • Explosion protection for gases and dust

  • Classification per SIL2

  • Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation

  • Material certificate per EN 10204

  • Calibration certificate per EN 10204

  • Active temperature compensation (ATC technology) upon request

  • Removable display and control unit

  • Degree of protection IP 69K

  • Front cover of stainless steel with window of non splintering glas, Hygienic Pressure Instrumentation


  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge for diaphragm seals

  • Nominal ranges 0…4 to 0…400 bar, -1...3 bar to -1...15 bar

  • High quality case with bajonet ring NS 100 per EN 837-1 S1

  • Case and measuring element of stainless steel

  • Degree of protection IP 65

  • Accuracy class 1.0 as per EN 837-1

  • Small temperature error by means of reduced-volume measuring element

  • Operating temperature up to 140°C

  • Process connection via diaphragm seal product group D5

  • Instrument connection welded with diaphragm seal

  • EAC declaration (upon request)



  • Explosion protection (ATEX) for mechanical devices

  • Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation

  • Material certificate per EN 10204

  • Calibration certificate per EN 10204

  • Damping of movement

  • Electrical contact device, see data sheet D3-025 (depending on design)

  • Electronical angle-of-rotation sensor, see data sheet D6-020

  • Case with liquid filling and degree of protection IP 66, Hygienic Pressure Gauge with Diaphragm Seal


  • Measuring resistor 1 x Pt 100 in 3- or 4-wire technology

  • Measuring insert of stainless steel

  • Measuring insert interchangeable

  • Process connections for food/ pharmaceutical/biotechnology

  • Hygienic design, constructive design according to the EHEDG recommendations

  • High accuracy, fast response



  • Explosion protection

  • Transmitter can be integrated

  • Classification per SIL2

  • Measuring insert for In-process calibration, Hygienic Temperature Instrumentation

The MS 2410 ‘sanitary’ sensor is specific for food or pharmaceutical plants. It is resistant to the vacuum (absolute 200 mbar at 100°C), ideal for CIP cycles, 3A and FDA certificates. 
Body material: SS AISI304/316
Nominal diameter: from ND 3 to ND 100
Flow range: 0…280 m3/h 
Nominal pressure: from PN 16 to PN 25
Wide choice of process connections. 
Liquid temperature: from -20 to +150°C
Lining materials: PTFE
Wide choice of electrodes materials., Sanitary Flowmeter

The LFP Inox is a hygienic level sensor for liquids using TDR technology – a process for determining the time of flight of electromagnetic waves.

The time difference between the sent pulse and the reflected pulse is used to generate a level signal, both as a continuous value (analog output) and a freely positionable switching point (switching output). The use of FDA-compliant materials in an EHEDG-certified design means that the LFP Inox can be relied upon for optimum and unrestricted cleaning, even in applications with the most stringent hygiene requirements. Its modular connection system allows simple and flexible installation in any application. Thanks to high temperature and pressure resistance, unrestricted use is possible under CIP and SIP conditions.

This impressive profile is topped off with communication capability via IO-Link to the superordinate control units., Hygienic Level Sensor

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