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Hygienic Tube and Fittings

Mechanically Polished or Electropolished Tube for use in Pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, biotechnology and other hight purity processes. Our hygienic tube is manufactured to the stringent ASME BPE and ASTM A270 S2 standards making it ideal for most high purity applications.

ASME BPE Tube and Fittings Product Specification

All technical information refer to the current revision of the ASME BPE standard


  • 316/L 

  • 1.4435

  • UNS NO8367/Alloy Al-6XN

  • UNS N060022/Alloy 22

  • Titanium

  • On request

Hygienic Fittings

Stainless Steel Chemical composition of weld ends in accordance with ASME BPE, MM-5.1.1 ( 0.005%-0.017 Sulphur)

Petrochem have a strong history in supply of ASME BPE products to the BioPharma industry in Ireland and Europe.

With over 20,000mtrs of tubing and over 100,000 pieces of fittings in stock , we have an experienced team with the stocklevels to support the full order and fast turnarounds necessary to support industry requirements.

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Hygienic Pipes

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