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Bioflo - Hygienic Valves

DPL Hygienic Valves.


DPL is one of the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Hygienic Tube, Valves and Fittings into the Food, Brewing, Dairy, Cosmetics and Soft Drinks Industries

The Butterfly Valve is a hygienic, in-line, 1/4 turn or multi-position unit for manual and actuated service.

  • Fully machined from 316L forgings for a high quality, non porous construction.

  • Polished, crevice free disc which is easily cleaned.

  • ‘0’ ring spindle is environmentally sealed.

  • Spindle bearings fit into seal cross holes resulting in low torque.

  • Range of seal materials available including EPDM, Silicone, Viton steam resistant and Nitrile to suit your application

DPL Hygienic Butterfly Valves.

The DPL hygienic Diamond Non-Return Valve is designed to prevent back-flow of product in

the pipework system.

The valve is constructed to the highest specification, thus ensuring optimum levels of hygiene and cleanliness by nature of it’s design.

Stainless Steel product contact components are manufactured from 316 and 316L. Seals and elastomers carry FDA approval.

All valve component parts are designed to enable thorough in-line cleaning, even in the most challenging of applications.

With options of surface finish, seal material

and fitting type, the valve is suited to many industry sectors. These sectors include Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Chemical.

DPL Hygienic Non Return Valves.

Designed to meet the changing needs of the

process industry, the new Series 3 Pressure Relief valve uses elements of the DPL single and double seat valves to produce a full bore, self draining device ranging in size from 1-4”.
Available in manual and actuated format,

the Series 3 valves have a tamper-proof pressure setting mechanism which can be adjusted in-line.
The valve can be disassembled for servicing without affecting the factory pressure setting.

  • Full bore.

  • Self draining to reduce the risk on contamination

  • Profiled seat seal to ensure a secure seal

  • 316L forged material for better corrosion resistance

  • Captive spring to ensure consistent system pressure settings

  • Wide range of seat materials appropriate for      a wide range of applications

  • Suitable for CIP for full compatibility with your process systems

  • Steam sterilisable giving you complete        peace of mind

  • Serviceable in-line to avoid costly downtime during maintenance

DPL Hygienic Pressure Relief Valves.
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